Life is unisex

Never argue with a woman

It’s about time I post something new; I’ve been slacking lately, in an arduous kind of way. Nonetheless, I work at a corporation where women are in abundance; then I come home after work to two women. I think it’s safe to say I get my fair share of females in a day. 

One day at work, a fellow male employee decided to (boldly) enter an argument with one of the female employees. Knowing the complications, I quickly tried to change his mind, but to no avail. He was dead set on arguing with her. Long story short, he lost the argument, and sad to say, he’ll continue to lose arguments as long as he continues his adamancy of arguing with women.

I learned a long time ago that it is ultimately pointless to argue with a woman; I learned that fact from my father who told it to me in private, and then it was confirmed every day of my life henceforth. Why is it pointless to argue with a woman? To be honest, I can’t say I know all of the inner workings of a woman; even women don’t know the inner workings of women. But I can say this: it is vastly complicated, and to top it all off, women thrive off of emotions, which are dependable at best. Here’s a deeper look into why a man shouldn’t argue with a woman.

You will lose. Every time. Women are complicated creatures, and to better demonstrate their thought processes, I learned from a book that women are like spaghetti or noodles—you never know what is connected to what. On the other hand, men are like waffles. Men thrive on tackling one issue at a time, hence the various boxes. Sure, the stuff in the boxes may be related, but for every issue there is a different box. Women know this all too well, and being historically manipulative as they are, they use that to their full advantage.

Firstly, men need to realize that unlike the male mentality, women want to win the argument. They don’t care about winning the argument at hand, they just want to win the argument. With that being said, men should notice that any time you corner a woman argumentatively she will switch the topic. This is a ploy to try and level the playing field, and unfortunately, men fall for it. Like I said earlier, women are like spaghetti, so everything is connected, so to her, everything is fair game in this argument about Michael coming home late, for example. That and the fact that she just wants to win the argument, means that it doesn’t matter to her if she doesn’t resolve the issue with Michael coming home late; after she’s switched up the story so many times and he’s befuddled, victory is hers. Also, women know that men really don’t like dealing with too many things at once, especially hearing it from her, but what happens during this sometimes heated exchanges? I’ll break it down even further.

Michael comes home late one night after a long day at the office. He decided that instead of coming straight home, he would stay back with the crew at work and hang out to have some chill time. Among those who work with him is Marianna, someone who Jane, Michael’s wife, detests. Jane meets Michael at the door and immediately it’s on. Jane wants to know why Michael is home so late. Michael is tired and just wants to go to bed, nonetheless he still tells her a quick summary of what happened. Of course, Jane isn’t hearing that. She just spent the last 6 hours storing up her emotions and her arguments for Michael, and he’s just going to brush it off? Not happening. So, she unloads on Michael, much to his dismay. Michael then stops her rampage by telling her a more comprehensive version of his adventures that night, also showing Jane a video on his phone of Michael and the crew having fun at Buffalo Wild Wings. Jane doesn’t see Jackson, Brent, Harvey, Trevor, nor Jason; Jane only sees Marianna, whom she detests. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Jane then starts onto a new topic, because it is clear that she lost what she initially argued about: Michael coming home late. Instead, now seeing Marianna, she sees new life. She now questions Michael about Marianna, who was Michael’s ex, implying that Michael really went to hang out with Marianna than hang out with everybody. Anybody, male or female, who has been in this position knows what can possibly follow, and it’s honestly too long to type, but that’s the reason why a man should never argue with a woman. In case you missed it, here’s why.

You will lose. Every time. Women are masters of remembering the things they need in an argument, and because they seemingly remember “everything,” when a man steps into battle against a women, he’s going up against potentially years worth of proof, arguments, and “evidence.” Like poor Michael, if you started arguing about coming home late, you’ll more than likely end up on “what kind of women you really like,” or something so hard left, when you look at it, it makes no sense. Like I said earlier, women, after losing their initial argument, don’t care about that particular instance any more. All they want to do is win. As long as you’re arguing with them, they will twist and warp that discussion until something gives way and they gain the upper hand. Then, when they do win, they flip it back to the original topic and claim that too!  

My advice? Don’t argue. My mom, sister, and many of my female friends hate me for one thing only: the fact that I don’t argue. It’s like a wrench in the gears; women can’t stand when a man doesn’t argue, simply because a woman isn’t coming to argue logic-first; she’s coming because she’s so upset or perturbed that she needs to get it out. Her emotions come first, logic second. So, when she comes storming, just do what I do and dip. Not only does it kill her drive, but it also lessens the chances of you getting “evidence” used against you in the future. 

This is of course assuming that the man is right. Now, for those guys who are clearly wrong, but still try to argue their way out of it, it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s say Michael did cheat on Jane with Marianna, and he came home late. Automatically he’s thinking of a lie, which has no real physical basis so it’s very easy to forget. The thing is, in that situation, the only thing that’s changed is that he’s wrong. Everything is still the same. She’s still coming with a million and one things to say; now add that to Michael’s lie. His lie will put him in deeper quicksand than the truth, because when she switches it back and forth, because his lie is inconsistent, and because he’s so desperately trying to justify his cause, he’s bound to slip up, and Jane will not miss it for the world. 

The morale of the story is, just don’t argue with them guys. Better yet, don’t say a thing. Any thing you say can be used against you in a court of law. Even a simple: “Whatever” can be warped into your worst nightmare. Just keep it cool, keep it chill, and remember, if you enter into an argument with a woman, you will lose. Every time. 

“People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That’s how they define ‘reality’. But what does it mean to be ‘correct’ or ‘true?’ Merely vague concepts … their ‘reality’ may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?”

Do men love?

First of all, this is my first official blog, and I’m excited about it. I usually just sit down and think about certain things for at least three hours out of the day and then write them so as to get what I’ve been thinking out in the open.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. I hope you guys enjoy it; it’s just things I like to write about and I don’t want to insult anyone in any way or complicate anyone’s views for the worst. 

Most importantly though, I always stick to the basics.


Do men love? Of course they do. It’s impossible for the human race to consist of both men and women and have men not capable of experiencing an emotion. Love is something that is synonymous between both genders, whether you believe it or not, and, like most things in life, varies between the genders and naturally, between different people. The problem with love is that one gender usually fails to understand how the other’s works, and vice versa. 

Being a man, it is very easy for me to give biased information, much like you women, who probably had relationship problems, to have a biased outlook on men. However, I won’t be biased; I’ll just give you the basics about how men love, because everyone knows fundamentals beat fanciness any day.

When a man loves, he loves unconditionally, believe it. Men are very simple creatures, straight from the Maker’s hands. We may have an interesting makeup but essentially we are very simple creatures. Our love doesn’t have a lot of turns and forks to confuse others and ourselves, rather, it is very point blank. For you see, men’s love has a protective tint to it, meaning our love, for women especially, is based on protection. Ladies, take any male figure that you can honestly say you admire; it doesn’t have to be that you love him or like him. Look closely at how he acts when he has something you can say he really loves or treasures. He is highly protective of it. Most men follow this creed from the day that they can talk, and quite frankly it’s one of the few things that men are historically good at. Whether it be a car, a pair of shoes, a hat, or even something intangible like the name of a friend or someone highly regarded, men will protect what they love, and they love what they protect. In actuality, men are actually born and raised to be protectors, so really and truly men always have that switch on, which may be why so many of the classic superheroes are all men, but it is amplified when a woman is brought into the pictures. Here’s why.

Adam, the first human in existence, was in dire need of a partner, companion, assistant, friend, etc. God saw that Adam was lonely, as he was the only one of his kind in existence, and as such God put Adam to sleep, took out a rib, and thus formed a woman. Long story short, Adam’s needs were met. He now had someone like him, but she was different, and visibly so. God took the initiative and supplied Adam with someone He knew Adam would treasure, and there was a natural affinity between the two humans. He now had a significant other, significant in the fact that she was the only one for him— literally and figuratively, and of course he treasured her more than anything. Even though the Bible doesn’t go into excruciating detail about just how much he treasured her, it can be safely assumed that he treasured her to death if it was a concept relevant to them at that point in time. Anybody, especially men, knows that once a man gets something they really want or even need, they will treasure it and protect it. Given that, Adam was definitely protective of his new found friend. After all, she was the only one like him in the Garden of Eden, so of course he could not chance anything happening to the answer to his previous loneliness. 

If you parlay that story into today’s modern age, it’s pretty simple: men love protectively. Once again, I’ll refer to the Bible. God is love, and God created Adam. So if we do a simple equation, we can definitely see that Adam knows what love is if “love” created him. Furthermore, God gave Adam dominion over the creatures of the earth, being charged to protect and watch over all of God’s creation. So now, from Adam’s perspective, his “love” for the animals has to be that of a supervising sort, one that overlooks and protects. Ultimately, we can conclude that Adam’s understanding of love, if someone were to randomly ask him, was to protect whatever he treasured at all costs. So, when a man loves a woman, he strives to protect her at all costs, both as something that is demanded by God and because she is the answer to his needs. A man can display this emotion in numerous ways, but it usually boils down to the fact that he loves to protect, and he protects to love. This is a direct contrast to women, whose concept of love is completely different and stems from a completely different purpose.

Women were designed by God to be the perfect companion to men. Eve was designed to be everything that Adam needed in a companion. In saying so, never doubt the thoroughness of God, in anything. God packed into Eve everything that Adam would’ve needed to make it through life in Eden and also in the “real world.” Hence, a woman’s love isn’t protective, at least, not at the roots. At the roots of her love is a desire to be there and be appreciated, to be the perfect soulmate to her man and to be “the one” for him. It’s that simple. He wanted her, now she’s there and she wants to feel like it—it’s a hand in glove fit. She wants to feel appreciated for what she is, who she is, why she is there and also be there for him, and the way for him to reciprocate that feeling is to do so in the best way he knows how: to protect her and treasure her at all costs, thus completing the circle. Over time, a man will naturally become more acclimated with his companion and become more comfortable with her, thus opening up to her and ultimately wanting to be there for her, reminiscent of the feeling that initiates at the roots of a woman’s love. On the other hand, over time, a woman, after spending so much time with her man, will naturally become more and more protective of him and strive to protect him from the elements at all costs, a feeling only originally associated with a man’s love. (On a side, note, men need that too, due to the fact that because they are natural protectors they feel that they don’t need protection and try to take on the world.) This is what I consider one of life’s greatest mysteries, that our feelings cross over and permeate each other as men and women respectively. We really don’t need to find a scientific reason for it—just let it happen; it’s find the way it is. 

To sum it up, a man’s love and a woman’s love are two different things, because (1) we’re two different genders and (2) we’re two different people in any given situation. Even though Biblically speaking the woman is physically an offshoot of the man, if we were meant to literally be one, God would’ve just made some kind of internal voice to keep us from going insane from boredom instead of messing with dirt all over again. Because of that, women, you now need to sit back and notice exactly what your man does for you or doesn’t do for you. If he isn’t protective of you, that’s a serious problem. Conversely, if you don’t want to be there for him, then that too is a problem. 

I’ll also say this. Like it’s stated in the Bible, a woman is a part of the man, meaning they’re both humans. A woman is not unable to love protectively, as that is a trait that is synonymous between both genders. The same can be said about men loving with a more “I care about you” feel. Love is love, however, it is quite evident in modern times and history that men and women play different roles in their various relationships, and that applies to love as well. This isn’t bad and it shouldn’t be something that is looked down upon. A woman shouldn’t feel bad or incomplete just because her role may be to be the caring one, and a man shouldn’t feel so bad just because his love is more protective and authoritative. Those are roles that we as humans just have to play. I’ll use the story of the glove and the hand.

We can compare life to a bush of thorns. It is indeed very beautiful and appeasing to the eye, but at some point you’re going to have to go deeper into the thorn bush, much like when we as children/teenagers have to grow up from our carefree childhood and face the real world and all of the mess that comes with it. The hand can’t tackle the rose bush by itself, because even though it may have all the power in the world behind it; even though it may be able to physically grasp the bush, the fact of the matter is that it is exposed and susceptible to ruin and damage. The glove on the other hand (no pun intended), is more suited to grabbing the thorns, as it is designed to counter the thorns’ piercing properties, but lacks the power behind it like the hand to actually move the bushes out of the way. However, when both come together and unite, they can tackle any rose bush. True, sometimes some thorns are really hard and pierce through both the glove and the hand, affecting both, but the beautiful thing about it is that they were both there for one another in their God given roles. The glove softened the impact of the stab so the hand wouldn’t feel it as much, and the hand was there with it’s might  and power to support and strengthen the glove and be it’s rock-solid foundation. If you apply that to men and women, it’s clear to see that both are capable of loving, but they love in different ways, and that is what completes the circle. If it was any different, and men and women did actually love alike, think alike, and act alike, men and woman would be like two parallel lines, never capable of intersecting and completing the circle. ============================ Try as hard as you like, but that just wouldn’t happen.

O …Now that’s more like it.